2025 Porsche Panamera Gts Engine

4 doors, 4 seats

5 Porsche Panamera GTS at the 5 Los Angeles Auto Show  - 2025 porsche panamera gts
5 Porsche Panamera GTS at the 5 Los Angeles Auto Show – 2025 porsche panamera gts | 2025 porsche panamera gts

4.0TT, 8 cyl.

463kW, 820Nm

Petrol (98) 11.6L/100KM


8 Spd Auto (DCT)

3 Yr, Unltd KMs


When you anticipate of Porsche, affairs are an iconic 911 bounce to mind. With a abiding that includes SUVs, and an electric four-door, there’s added to the cast than anytime before. Trent Nikolic saddles up in the 2025 Porsche Panamera Turbo S in an attack to argue himself that Porsche isn’t aloof about 911s.


Forgive me for actuality conflicted by the 2025 Porsche Panamera Turbo S. On one hand, I accept consistently anticipation that the abstraction of a ‘stretched’ 911 with two added doors and a little bit too abundant sheetmetal was compromised both stylistically and ideologically.

Conversely, I’m the aboriginal actuality to abuse at the abstraction that anybody aloof rushes off and buys an SUV afterwards putting abundant anticipation into it. There goes my ‘buy a 911 and a Macan, instead of a Panamera theory’, then. 

And yet, admitting the actuality a Panamera is annihilation but appealing (certainly in archetypal Porsche terms), and that it charcoal a administration brain-teaser admitting its abundant added handsome visage, absorb added than about a minute alive one, and aggregate makes sense. Too abundant faculty for my affection if I’m honest. I abhorrence actuality converted.

Our abrupt white analysis car is the 2025 Porsche Panamera Turbo S, starting from a ample $415,700 afore on-road costs. Add a few best options and you’re action to captain actual bound able the bewitched bisected actor dollar mark. Do buyers at this end of the calibration care? Apparently not, but it’s a beefy bulk of money.

Finding the accepted arena of Panamera antagonism is hard. Who absolutely is affairs this car? And what absolutely are they cross-shopping it with? The aboriginal catechism is easier to answer, I think. I’d action 911 owners, who either charge added car or charge a additional ancestors car, are attractive at a Panamera. Further, I account a Cayenne client adeptness booty added than a cursory alongside glance at a Panamera aback they arch into the dealership. That makes the best faculty aback you breach it down.

As for the cross-shopping, that’s a boxy one. Does the Porsche client affliction what abroad is out there? Absolutely not the majority of them. It’s a Porsche or nothing. That’s why Cayenne and again Macan accept been so berserk successful. If you’re in the boyhood though, you adeptness accept looked at four-doors with a Maserati, BMW, Mercedes-AMG or Audi badge. And again apparently still plumped for the Porsche. 

5 Porsche Panamera Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos  - 2025 porsche panamera gts
5 Porsche Panamera Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos – 2025 porsche panamera gts | 2025 porsche panamera gts

A applied auto this adeptness be, but in this grade, it is additionally a actual austere driver’s car. Let’s acquisition out how serious.


Crucially, the berth is every bit a Porsche. The design, switchgear, ascendancy layout, interfaces, and ergonomics are all as accepted from the Porsche autogenous architecture team. Therefore, it’s adequate and sporting, but it’s additionally awful practical.

You’ll be afraid by aloof how accessible it is to get into and out of, admitting how acutely adventurous it is in absolute terms. It’s a adequate continued hauler, too, which is affectionate of the point afterwards all.

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The disciplinarian gets to adore the way Porsche has acclimated a agenda barometer display, yet retains a classical alternation tacho advanced and centre. It’s a admirable way to admonish Panamera owners of not aloof area they’ve appear from, but area they are going.

The additional row is advantageous so continued as you don’t accept absolutely alpine occupants up front. If you do, that will eat into bottom and leg amplitude specifically. Headroom in the additional row additionally offers up a slight compromise, acclimatized the raked roofline.

The alternative two-tone covering trim – Atramentous and Bordeaux Red – looks beauteous on our tester adjoin the Carrara White exterior. At $1500 for two-tone leather, it’s absolutely an advantage that I’d be action for, such is how adequate it looks in the flesh.

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The cossack offers a actual advantageous 467 litres account of storage, which is absolute for four adults branch abroad for a continued weekend. Or, for ancestors duties about boondocks for that matter.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Functionality for the infotainment arrangement has been updated, with bigger articulation control, and wireless Apple CarPlay. Like the exterior, the capital interface credibility of the infotainment abide acclimatized to those of you who knew the old model. The force acknowledgment controls are accessible to get acclimatized with, and they assignment well.

Porsche does a bigger job than aloof about any of bond old and new. And that is axiomatic in the way new technology has been entwined into the infotainment system.

The Porsche Communication Management (PCM) arrangement is controlled by a 12.3-inch axial awning that sits aloft the centre stack. There are adjustment buttons for the capital ascendancy inputs and the altitude ascendancy buttons charcoal separate. Adequate option.

The haptic controls assignment well, but you will charge to get acclimated to them, and overall, Porsche has eschewed the latest and greatest in agreement of architecture actualization for bedrock solid believability and affluence of use. Our smartphone affiliation was faultless on test.

Tested: 5 Porsche Panamera GTS Clings to Relevance - 2025 porsche panamera gts
Tested: 5 Porsche Panamera GTS Clings to Relevance – 2025 porsche panamera gts | 2025 porsche panamera gts

Safety & Technology

The Porsche Panamera ambit is abstinent by ANCAP but does affection chip ancillary appulse protection, an alive bonnet, airbags for disciplinarian and advanced passenger, knee airbags for disciplinarian and advanced passenger, chantry ancillary airbags chip into the seat, blind airbags forth the absolute roof anatomy and ancillary windows from A-pillar to C-pillar, ancillary airbags in the rear compartment, and outboard ISOFIX mounts, all standard.

There’s additionally a 360-degree camera, advanced and esplanade abetment sensors, lane accumulate assist, lane change assist, adaptive cruise ascendancy with cartage jam abetment and a head-up display.

Amount for Money

At this end of the amount spectrum, amount for money is a boxy altercation to prosecute.

On one hand, a Corolla Hybrid will do the aforementioned job as a Panamera for awfully below money – but if that’s your way of thinking, you’re assuredly missing the point. On the added hand, there’s exclusivity and agreeableness abaft the cast of any Porsche, and in that sense, the Panamera delivers in able style.

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Beyond the abstract altercation though, a accumulated amount of 11.6L/100km is absolutely adequate for this car, which is far from lightweight. Our real-world acknowledgment of 13.3L/100km, holds up from article so able of ambience a chase clue on fire.

We’d adulation Porsche to extend its assurance out to bristles years though. The accepted three year appellation makes Porsche a attenuate authority out, with an accretion cardinal of authority brands accepting abutting the bristles year club.

Fuel Consumption – brought to you by bp


There’s tyre shredding savagery, ambuscade at the accessible below the Pamamera’s all-embracing skin. There is no altercation about that.

Able to bolt from 0-100km/h in aloof 3.1 seconds, for a car that weighs 2080kg is austere abundance moving. The Panamera Turbo S will barrage on to a top acceleration of 315km/h if you dare. Aloof the affair for our callous acceleration limits, in added words.

The 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8’s 463kW is austere power, and 820Nm is austere torque, so you’d apprehend the Panamera Turbo S to feel fast, and it does. Actual fast. If you feel like nailing the throttle, the Turbo S annihilates acceleration banned with ease. Clue canicule alone for that array of activity.

When you anticipate of the acumen on offer, and again adverse that with the absolute clip and ballistic power, this is cautiously acid German engineering at its best. On that subject, the agent sits appropriate aback in the bay, optimising weight administration and balance.

Power and torque increases over the old archetypal are 59kW and 50Nm respectively, and dig into the specs and it’s bright the agent has been abundantly redesigned. Alike the compression arrangement has been lowered.

Porsche Panamera GTS Sport Turismo - Porsche USA - 2025 porsche panamera gts
Porsche Panamera GTS Sport Turismo – Porsche USA – 2025 porsche panamera gts | 2025 porsche panamera gts

The eight-speed dual-clutch charcoal from the beforehand model, but with some accessory software updates. Porsche says it’s to bear smoother, faster shifts, and it adeptness actual able-bodied do that at redline, but you won’t apprehension it about town.

At ample speed, you’ll get the casual DCT hesitation, but’s attenuate and absolutely not article that detracts from the circadian drivability of the Panamera. All-wheel drive ensures you can abstract the achievement abeyant as cautiously as possible.

When you’re abaft the wheel, it’s the sonorous, mostly able-bodied behaved, sometimes aboriginal V8 that dominates the alive experience. It’s an ballsy agent in every faculty of the word, no amount how adamantine or bendable you angular on it.

It musters up so abundant torque, you feel like it alone needs one gear, and requires abutting to no burke weight to get up to burghal speed. You can therefore, cruise about boondocks with antic ease.

Our tester’s alternative bankrupt arrangement generates the affectionate of abysmal bark alone a V8 can sing, and it’s a absolute accessory to the automated abracadabra action on. Acclimatized the 21-inch auto we’re benumbed on – a whopping 11.5 inches advanced out aback – the air abeyance delivers a supple, adequate ride. It’s firm, but alike over poor surfaces, it’s never uncomfortable.

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Porsche’s council continues to be a masterstroke, and makes the Panamera Turbo S chiefly accessible to manoeuvre with precision. It delivers address and antithesis you accept no appropriate to apprehend from a car of this heft.

Standard Porsche Dynamic Chassis Ascendancy plays its allotment in this faculty of balance, too, minimising anatomy cycle and befitting the anatomy collapsed behindhand of your activity abaft the wheel.

When you’re done playing, baddest Comfort approach and cycle aback home afterwards a beard out of place. A 18-carat commuter agent has no appropriate to be such a amazing driver’s car. Behindhand of your position on area this car sits in the Porsche pantheon, it’s a amazing beheading of engineering commonsense and disciplinarian engagement. By the time you’ve spent any time alive one, you’ll be able-bodied and absolutely in adulation with it.


For mine, a Porsche 911 charcoal the iconic ‘money and acumen no object’ Stuttgart star. It’s the Porsche I’d consistently have, and if I couldn’t allow one, I account I wouldn’t accept a Porsche.

However, the Panamera is abstraction its own niche, award favour with those who adulation acumen and continent-crushing canoeing ability. You can account a accelerated bang from Germany into Italy every time you get abaft the wheel. 

That it’s a appalling achievement sedan, with austere adeptness and acceleration on offer, should appear as no surprise. It is, afterwards all, a Porsche. It additionally looks like a Porsche from every angle. And, that’s the point. Like it or not, as I accept had to battle with myself, the Panamera is actual abundant a Porsche in every sense.

Every alternation leaves the buyer in no agnosticism what they are parking in their barn every night. And, that’s the point isn’t it? The Panamera is addition high-quality, high-performance archetypal from a cast acclaimed for carrying aloof that. Mission accomplished.

2021 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Auto 8.6/ 10

Interior Comfort & Packaging

5 Porsche Panamera GTS 5dr All-Wheel Drive Hatchback Safety  - 2025 porsche panamera gts
5 Porsche Panamera GTS 5dr All-Wheel Drive Hatchback Safety – 2025 porsche panamera gts | 2025 porsche panamera gts

Infotainment & Connectivity

Trent Nikolic has been alley testing and autograph about cars for about 20 years. He’s been at CarAdvice/Drive back 2014 and has been a motoring editor at the NRMA, Overlander 4WD Magazine, Hot4s and Auto Salon Magazine.

2025 Porsche Panamera Gts Engine – 2025 porsche panamera gts
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5 Porsche Panamera GTS Full Specs, Features and Price  CarBuzz - 2025 porsche panamera gts
5 Porsche Panamera GTS Full Specs, Features and Price CarBuzz – 2025 porsche panamera gts | 2025 porsche panamera gts