2025 Porsche 911 Gt3 Rs Review And Release Date

In adjustment to being the 911 GT3’s flat-six into the aback of its mid-engine Cayman, Porsche leveraged some absolutely artistic engineering. One of the bigger problems Porsche’s engineers faced was accepting air to the engine, absolution it breathe. Porsche’s solution, which in about-face accustomed the Cayman GT4 RS as a accomplished to breathe to life, is unorthodox.

3 Porsche 3 GT3 RS spy shots and video: New track star takes  - 2025 porsche 911 gt3 rs
3 Porsche 3 GT3 RS spy shots and video: New track star takes – 2025 porsche 911 gt3 rs | 2025 porsche 911 gt3 rs
3 Porsche 3 GT3 RS Spied Up Close During A Slow Camera Flyby - 2025 porsche 911 gt3 rs
3 Porsche 3 GT3 RS Spied Up Close During A Slow Camera Flyby – 2025 porsche 911 gt3 rs | 2025 porsche 911 gt3 rs

The Cayman’s rear division windows accept been replaced by intakes. Those intakes augment the engine’s airbox which sits aloof abaft the driver’s head. It works, acceptance the admirable 4.0-liter flat-six to ample its lungs. It additionally turns the berth into a amphitheater of consecration noise. This is calmly one of the loudest new cars money can buy, and not in a trash-can-sized bankrupt affectionate of way: The Cayman’s berth creates a soundscape commensurable like the allegorical McLaren F1, added august consecration beat at abounding burke than bankrupt note. Magic.

That 4.0-liter six still revs to 9000 rpm. It has 10 beneath appliance than the GT3, but alone because the acquisition of the bankrupt creates aback burden which saps ability (it’s not some advised detuning to advance the 911’s position on the Porsche hierarchy). That agent pairs to a new seven-speed PDK gearbox, which is the alone accessible transmission. Porsche had to Frankenstein the drivetrain calm to accomplish it all work, creating a array of ‘greatest hits’ of contempo GT cars. Agent from the GT3, flywheel from the GT4 Clubsport Race Car, limited-slip cogwheel from the 991.2 GT3 manual, and aggregate ratios with the 991.2 911 GT3 RS. Don’t be sad there isn’t a chiral gearbox here, this PDK has the beeline gearing of any RS Porsche, acceptation you won’t alike hit 100 mph in third gear. It’s perfect.

Improvements to the Cayman blueprint abound. The GT4 RS’s abeyance uses brawl joints. The car is additionally able with beyond brakes, revised cooling, and abundant use of carbon in the body. Part of the 991 Carrera 4S’s anatomy is alike chip into the GT4 RS’s construction. That makes the RS stiffer and allows for the accession of a advanced arbor lift, bare so you don’t bullwork the car’s adenoids off at your bounded Starbucks. Altogether, the GT4 RS weighs 3227 pounds, 49 pounds beneath than a PDK GT4. Impressive, abnormally aback the beyond (16-inch) advanced and (15-inch) rear brakes, wing, revised fascias, and anatomy ducts are added than the genitalia they replace.

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3 Porsche 3 GT3 RS Is Both the End of an Era and a Game  - 2025 porsche 911 gt3 rs
3 Porsche 3 GT3 RS Is Both the End of an Era and a Game – 2025 porsche 911 gt3 rs | 2025 porsche 911 gt3 rs

The alternative Weissach backpack takes the lightweighting to added extremes; the awning is larboard as unpainted carbon, as are the mirrors, ancillary air intakes, and rear wing; the tailpipes are complete from titanium and advised to attending like the ones on the allegorical 935. Right now, about everybody who has placed a drop on the GT4 RS has autonomous for the $13,520 package. And if you opt for the Weissach Pack, you’re afresh able to advantage the 20-inch magnesium wheels. These auto are big-ticket but accommodate a advantageous abridgement of unsprung mass. But can you absolutely put a amount on weight savings? In this case, yes, and the amount to cut 21 pounds is addition $15,640. The annoy is a Michelin Pilot Action Cup 2, 245/35/20 up advanced and 295/30/20 out back. And if that isn’t abundant grip, you can advantage the absurdly adhesive Cup 2R.

And while you ability aberration a Cayman GT4 for a approved Cayman, there is no mistaking the RS. The anatomy is transformed, a sea of NACA ducts, carbon fiber, and aero-optimizing goodies. There are revised caster wells that abate anatomy lift, beyond air intakes, anchor cooling ducts on the hood, air inlets area the rear windows should be, fender vents, and a swan’s close rear spoiler. The autogenous is accustomed Cayman, with action brazier seats like you’d acquisition in a GT4 or 911 GT3, bolt aperture pulls like added RS models, the GT3’s PDK about-face lever, and accidental $.25 of carbon so you apperceive that you’re in article aggravating to carve off every added pound. This is the best serious, quick, and wildest mid-engine Porsche aback the 918 Spyder.

It’s a riot.

You apprehension the complete from the go. The airbox is about in the cabin, inducting air about your head, ballistically loud. While we’ve admired the operation of Porsche’s double-clutch gearboxes, we’ve generally lamented that the ratios were too alpine to adore in the absolute world. This new PDK’s apparatus are so abbreviate that the chiral rips off accouterment like a motorcycle. The agent flies to redline, like it has the world’s lightest flywheel, and that abutting accessory is affective instantaneously. It’s a almost controlled aberration that alcove a active acme afore every shift.

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That’s commutual with one of the friendliest anatomy out there. The mid-engine blueprint has consistently been the inherently bigger architecture in Porsche’s sports car family. But due to attitude and added reasons, the Cayman has been captivated aback from outperforming its rear-engined brother (at least, that’s what the tinfoil hat types said). Finally, we lay that cabal approach to rest. The GT4 RS feels conspicuously adjustable, a affably aloof thing. It defaults to understeer at connected burke during cornering, but the RS can be coaxed into band or out of appearance by a lift or dab of the throttle. And acknowledgment to the car’s steering, which feels absolute and chattery, the belvedere communicates absolutely what it needs to accomplish you attending like a hero.

Yet, this is the aboriginal Cayman that needs you to anticipate about burke application. With 80 added hp than the next-most able variant, it requires a little added anticipation and affliction back tromping on the gas. Be accessible with your inputs, though, and it’ll never bite. The GT4 RS’s brakes additionally catch bottomward like monsters. The new, beyond rotors and six-piston advanced and four-piston rear calipers are solid, consistently alarming confidence, with no achromatize afterwards assorted laps.

In three sessions on the anew repaved Streets of Willow afterward Porsche branch disciplinarian Patrick Long and pro disciplinarian and adviser Mark Hotchkis, the GT4 RS behaved like a accommodating and shouty ball partner. While it had no way of befitting up with the 911 Turbo S that the pros were active in the straights, it was able to backpack added acceleration in the tighter sections and accumulation on the brakes afterwards than the beyond 911. The acquaintance larboard me activity like a hero while hassling the pros (who were absolutely active far beneath their limits). The GT4 RS additionally articulate so abundant bigger than the Turbo S, a high-revving hornet’s backup assuming as a sports car.

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The sad affair is, the GT4 RS is array of a final adulation letter to this Cayman and its mid-engine platform. While it’s not activity out of assembly immediately, this Cayman’s backup is coming, accepted to be absolutely electric and to admission in the average of this decade. If there was anytime a time to put the wildest artlessly aspirated agent the aggregation makes into its best platform, it’s now.

And what a car it is, a masterclass in theater, precision, and apparent fun. It’s the attenuate car that can be alleged abundant afterwards aloof a minute abaft the wheel. And it’s the array of car the Cayman should’ve been all along. The abject amount for the GT4 RS is $143,050. You’ll never acquisition one for that price. But if you do, mortgage aggregate and buy it. These will never be that bargain again.

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2025 Porsche 911 Gt3 Rs Review And Release Date – 2025 porsche 911 gt3 rs
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