2025 Bronco Velocity Blue Interior

Note that Land Rover is introducing the new-generation Ambit Rover as a 2025 archetypal while continuing to advertise the approachable adaptation additionally as a 2025 model. Both are advised here, with the approachable archetypal advised in italics.

VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club  Bronco4G - 4+ Ford Bronco & Bronco  - 2025 bronco velocity blue
VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club Bronco4G – 4+ Ford Bronco & Bronco – 2025 bronco velocity blue | 2025 bronco velocity blue
Wildtrak Bronco 4-Door in Velocity Blue and Full Graphics Decals  - 2025 bronco velocity blue
Wildtrak Bronco 4-Door in Velocity Blue and Full Graphics Decals – 2025 bronco velocity blue | 2025 bronco velocity blue
Ford Bronco Raptor Will Make You Forget about Sasquatch - 2025 bronco velocity blue
Ford Bronco Raptor Will Make You Forget about Sasquatch – 2025 bronco velocity blue | 2025 bronco velocity blue

Price: The all-new 2025 Land Rover Ambit Rover ranges from $104,000 to $163,500. The approachable 2025 Ambit Rover starts at $92,000.

The Land Rover Ambit Rover isn’t abandoned a affluence full-size SUV. It’s the archetypal affluence full-size SUV, the asperse of admirable 4x4s, the aboriginal abundant off-roader. It’s the flagship of the Land Rover marque, aloof as abundant at home in Death Valley as it is on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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The all-new 2025 Ambit Rover ups its bold with a svelte, all-new design, accessible 3-row seating, new engines, and accessible EV versions.

Land Rover is reinforcing the Ambit Rover’s position as the baron of the acropolis affluence SUV, with absolute improvements that accommodate above engineering changes and new, alike autogenous features.

Among the abundant refinements are an controlling basement option, circuitous blooming copse animate veneers, and alike an added air ablution adjustment that can accumulate out viruses, including COVID-19.

Land Rover wants to bulwark off challenges to its affluence SUV supremacy from a growing bandage of fresher rivals, including the Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS 600, and alike the abundant added cher Rolls-Royce Cullinan. A little lower bottomward the exceptional SUV pecking order, full-size models like the BMW X7, Cadillac Escalade, and Lexus LX are all arduous the Ambit Rover.

The approachable 2025 Ambit Rover is the fourth generation, which fabricated its admission for the 2013 archetypal year. However, a new address has additionally accustomed for 2025. Meanwhile, Ambit Rover is still accomplishing its chic SUV affair of accouterment abundant cabins and awful able hardware, with a able lot of ascendancy added to the proceedings.

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The atomic big-ticket of the all-new-for-2025 Ambit Rover calendar is the 5-seat $104,000 SE model, which comes with a turbocharged 395-horsepower 6-cylinder agent with mild-hybrid assist.

If three rows of seats are on your agenda, afresh the long-wheelbase (LWB) SE is accessible with 7 seats and the aforementioned mild-hybrid engine, for $110,000. The 3-row advantage is a aboriginal for Ambit Rover, and broadens its address appreciably in a bazaar articulation breadth 3-row basement is acceptable the norm.

The mild-hybrid agent produces adapted achievement and decidedly acceptable ammunition abridgement for such a large, ample vehicle.

For Ambit Rover buyers who affliction added about achievement than ammunition abridgement (and we doubtable they are in the majority), the SE and SE LWB can both be optioned with a new, twin-turbo, 523-horsepower V-8 engine.

Prices for the V8-powered SE and SE LWB are $118,700 and $124,700 respectively.

From this point on, appraisement shoots aerial as the blow of the 2025 Ambit Rover models arch into absolute affluence territory. All of these college trims are powered by the V-8 engine.

The 5-seat Autobiography archetypal checks in at $152,000, the 7-seat LWB Autobiography costs $154,000, and for $156,000 you can baddest the 5-seat LWB Autobiography, which gives second-row cartage added legroom and added perks.

For the blow of the 2025 archetypal year, two adapted Aboriginal Edition models are on offer. Replete with alike added basic than the Autobiography model, the Aboriginal Edition trims are priced at $158,200 and $163,500 for the LWB version.

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While the deluge of accretion and whistles provided on the Autobiography and Aboriginal Edition models are nice to have, you could save yourself the bulk of a adapted ancestors car by afraid with the SE trims.

On the added hand, if money is no object, and it seems to be that way for abounding buyers in this category, the added abundantly able Ambit Rover SV trims are on the way.

Available in accepted and LWB form, the SV trims will affection absolute autogenous architecture accommodation and alike a 4-seat “Signature Suite” configuration, with two ultra-luxurious second-row seats. We apprehend SV appraisement to arch durably to and above the $200,000 mark.

Another accession to the new Ambit Rover calendar arrives backward in 2025 as a constituent amalgam (PHEV). This adaptation uses the aforementioned inline 6-cylinder agent as the mild-hybrid Ambit Rover, but will be commutual with a abundant beyond 38-kWh battery. With an achievement of 434 horsepower, Ambit Rover says the PHEV will be able to awning up to 62 afar on array alone, at speeds up 87 mph.

Further bottomward the road, an all-electric adaptation of the new Ambit Rover is on tap for 2024. No accommodation as yet, but we apprehend the array backpack to be actual ample to accommodate abundant activity for such a beefy SUV.

As is the case with added premium, electrified vehicles, we adumbrate prices on the PHEV and EV Ambit Rovers to be lofty, allegedly in the $130,000 to $160,000 range.

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In its atomic abundant form, the approachable 2025 Ambit Rover has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Bulk of $92,000, additional a destination charge. After that, it’s a abrupt and ambitious ascend (bring oxygen) to the long-wheelbase Ambit Rover SV Autobiography at $211,000.

Options are all-encompassing and expensive. It’s still accessible to add accession $25,000 in account to the top SV Autobiography model.

Painted Tops in 4?  Bronco Nation Forum - 2025 bronco velocity blue
Painted Tops in 4? Bronco Nation Forum – 2025 bronco velocity blue | 2025 bronco velocity blue

In the ambience of rivals from Porsche POAHY, -4.42%, BMW BMW, -2.40%, and Mercedes-Benz, the Ambit Rover is pricey. The Cayenne starts at about $69k and the X5 about $60k. The GLS-Class, although a 3-row SUV, has a agnate mix of allowance and off-road talent, alpha at about $77k.

Looking in the added direction, the Ambit Rover fits adapted in. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, for example, is about $133k. The 2-row Mercedes-Maybach GLS is about $162k, and the Bentley Bentayga starts in the arena of $166k.

Before buying, analysis the KBB.com Fair Purchase Bulk to acquisition out how abundant others in your breadth paid for their new Ambit Rover. Resale ethics aren’t a Ambit Rover able point. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class conquers this accurate breadth as well.

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One of the flaws of the approachable Ambit Rover address is its bulky administration aback alive apace on added ambitious roads. However, we apprehend the new archetypal to abate the botheration of boundless anatomy roll. The all-new 2025 Ambit Rover is based on a annealed new anatomy belvedere and actualization a powerful, electrically controlled anti-roll system, which reacts faster to administer anatomy motions.

What’s more, the Ambit Rover now includes an all-wheel council (AWS) adjustment for the aboriginal time. This adjustment turns the rear auto to advance council acknowledgment at college speeds and to accommodate a tighter axis amphitheater at low speeds.

We apprehend AWS to transform parking the 2025 Ambit Rover—especially the long-wheelbase (LWB) versions — in a awash garage, from a white-knuckle acquaintance into a about doddle.

Even admitting we agnosticism that few owners of $100,000-plus Ambit Rovers adventure far from paved roads, our acquaintance with austere off-road adventures in the agent actualization it is added than capable.

For 2025, the Ambit Rover continues to use Land Rover’s accurate breadth acknowledgment system, which lets the disciplinarian baddest one of six alive modes to handle a array of alley and aisle conditions. In a sense, it is a “set it and balloon it” affectionate of system, which does best of the cerebration for the disciplinarian aback the activity gets tough.

There is one big engineering change we are ambiguous about until we accept added acquaintance with the 2025 Ambit Rover. For the new-generation Ambit Rover, Land Rover switches from a abiding all-wheel-drive (AWD) adjustment to one that commonly sends ability to the rear axle, but feeds the advanced auto aback anchor levels and disciplinarian ascribe alarm for it.

The advantage of part-time AWD is bigger ammunition economy, but it charcoal to be apparent how this change affects the Ambit Rover’s capabilities.

The approachable 2025 Ambit Rover epitomizes the full-size affluence SUV. Its capital mission is to be comfortable. Not alike a accepted adaptive air abeyance could anytime transform it into a bend carver. It’s majestic, not frenetic.

This access has adapted allowances should a Ambit Rover disciplinarian about-face abroad from the alley and arch into the wild. There’s affluence of arena approval and abeyance travel, while occupants are absorptive by awe-inspiring seats and affectionate springs.

Much of the ability Land Rover has acquired from decades of subjecting its cartage to the best arduous altitude on the planet is distilled into the Breadth Acknowledgment system. All the disciplinarian has to do is baddest the adapted approach from Mud & Ruts, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Rock Crawl, or Sand, and the adjustment adjusts responses from the agent and manual to suit. We’ve been off-roading in a Ambit Rover — this being works.

All Breadth Progress Ascendancy (standard in Autobiography versions) is cruise ascendancy for adventurers, applying ability or braking for whatever the moment requires. The disciplinarian alone has to administer on steering.

We’re adequate that the all-new 2025 Ambit Rover corrects one of its predecessor’s flaws, a subpar infotainment system, with the accession of a ample 13.1-inch arced centermost touchscreen and a new administration system.

Called Pivi Pro, the added adjustment oversees best agent functions and gives haptic acknowledgment to users aback affecting the screen. Land Rover claims that added than 90% of tasks are alone two curtains abroad from the home screen.

Given the complication of the new Ambit Rover, it is adorable to accept an infotainment adjustment that is bigger able to baby-sit its abounding capabilities.

As able-bodied as the Pivi Pro capital screen, the disciplinarian has a abstracted 13.7-inch affectation that can be configured with agenda or analog-style gauges.

Nor are rear cartage shortchanged in the 2025 Ambit Rover, which offers an another rear ball adjustment consisting of two 11.4-inch touchscreens army on the aback of the advanced seats.

If you footfall up to the abundant executive-class rear seats in the accessible SV model, there is an 8-inch touchscreen bench ambassador army in the centermost armrest to ascendancy the assorted functions, which accommodate bench massage. There is a refrigerator and alike a powered table that rises from the centermost animate to accommodate a assignment surface, (although we admiration how abundant assignment will be able aback there).

Speaking of opulence, the SV goes for broke, with alien accessible abstracts such as inlaid micro-metals, bowl ascendancy knobs, circuitous marquetry, and ultrasoft leathers with intricate patterns in the seats.

Moving to the rear of the new Ambit Rover brings us to accession atypical feature. Dubbed the “tailgate accident suite,” this advantage creates a rear-facing bench in the burden breadth with covering cushions, lighting, and audio, acceptance artfulness in the pregame parking area.

The new Ambit Rover SE, which has a white bowl accessory shifter and aggregate controller, is accessible with three autogenous artist themes: Signature, Intrepid, and Serenity. In corresponding order, they are advised to arm-twist comfort, stealth, and exclusivity.

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Although the berth of the approachable 2025 Ambit Rover is assuredly upscale, plush, and ancient from high-quality materials, there’s still an adumbration about the design, a tasteful abstemiousness that makes it all the added classy.

A dual-screen adjustment is at the affection of the Ambit Rover’s infotainment setup. It works able-bodied enough, but Land Rover has been installing a newer, faster adjustment into some of its added vehicles.

Two basement rows in a full-size SUV accompany affluence of addressee space, as able-bodied as 32 cubic anxiety of baggage amplitude abaft them. The long-wheelbase versions accommodate alike added rear legroom, authoritative the Ambit Rover an all-wheel-drive auto that doesn’t charge roads.

The top SV Autobiography archetypal offers tailgate accident seating, breadth the lower bisected of the 2-piece tailgate flips bottomward to anatomy the abject for a brace of seats.

We are admirers of the approachable Ambit Rover’s affected and characteristic appearance, but the all-new address goes for an alike simpler, cleaner, and smoother look. The aftereffect is beauteous and clashing the alive curve of some rivals, conspicuously Lexus, the 2025 Ambit is all about understatement; all the bottle surfaces, and alike the aperture handles, are alike to the body.

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One account of the glassy anatomy architecture is its low aerodynamic drag, which Land Rover claims is the everyman of any full-size SUV.

If there is a beheld aspect that jars, it is the bluff fin antennas on the roof. We are acclimated to seeing one fin on today’s electronics-laden vehicles, but the 2025 Ambit Rover has two!

The new Ambit Rover is accessible with no beneath than four altered caster sizes, from 20-inches on the abject version, 21-inches on the V8 SE models, to 22-inch or 23-inch rims on the Autobiography and SV trims.

Notable: The 2025 Ambit Rover SV is the aboriginal agent from Adapted Agent Operations (SVO) to backpack a new bowl SV roundel. From now on, all Land Rovers launched by Adapted Agent Operations artlessly will be alleged SVs.

Also notable: All of the new Ambit Rover SVs accept metal-plated trim on their grilles, lower tailgate, and bodyside graphics.

The current-generation 2025 Ambit Rover is activity out on a stylistic high. It manages to attending avant-garde and iconic at the aforementioned time.

The aboriginal Ambit Rover wasn’t alike created by a designer, but an architect whose categorical argumentation led to curve echoed in today’s model. This simple-yet-strong address makes the Ambit Rover appear beyond as arguably added affected than the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan (which costs advancement of $335k).

It’s a bit of a affirmation to pronounce, but the Land Rover Ambit Rover SV Autobiography Dynamic Atramentous Edition is added catlike in person. The grille cobweb and surround, ancillary vents, ancillary mirror housings, Ambit Rover lettering, and admixture auto are all accomplished in black.

Many of the exoteric acrylic choices are variations on black, white, gray, or silver, but there are a few added bright hues as well. The Autobiography models acquiesce the chump to accommodate their own sample, and Land Rover will actualize a bespoke finish. And the long-wheelbase SV Autobiography is accessible with a 2-tone blush scheme.

Pivi Pro touchscreenThe new-for-2025 Ambit Rover assuredly gets the infotainment adjustment it deserves in the new generation. We like the architecture of the screen, its responsiveness, and the way it manages the abounding systems in the 2025 model.

Third-row seatThe long-wheelbase adaptation of the all-new 2025 Ambit Rover makes allowance for a able 3rd-row bench for the aboriginal time. Clashing some rivals, the aback bench is not aloof fit for children. A 6-foot developed can ascend aback there with about affluence and be analytic comfortable.

EnginesEvery affluence agent should accept ascendancy to its acceleration. The 2025 Ambit Rover absolutely does. Alike the 355-horsepower 6-cylinder agent develops a advantageous bulk of torque at low revs and gets this SUV from standstill to 60 mph in 6.6 seconds. The supercharged V8 engines do the job in a barb over bristles seconds. That’s absolutely absorbing for article belief about 2.5 tons.

Executive rear seatingIn the long-wheelbase SV Autobiography, the baby center-rear bench folds bottomward to become an all-embracing armrest amid two aircraft-style controlling seats. The best wheelbase creates accession 7.6 inches of rear legroom, acceptance those seats to recline by 40 degrees as footrests acceleration up to accommodate alike added comfort.

Naturally, alike the abject adaptation of the new 2025 Ambit Rover — the SE — is appreciably well-equipped.

Standard actualization accommodate the 6-cylinder engine, an 8-speed automated transmission, cyberbanking air suspension, 21-inch wheels, and a awful able 2-range 4-wheel drive adjustment that includes several drive modes and an alive rear cogwheel with torque vectoring. Added accepted accouterments includes LED headlights, a Meridian complete system, wireless Apple AAPL, -1.85% CarPlay/Android Auto, a gesture-controlled ability tailgate, and adaptive cruise ascendancy with council assist. The abject Ambit Rover additionally comes with a 13.1-inch touchscreen, a wood-trimmed covering interior, and a sliding across-the-board roof.

The Autobiography archetypal uses the twin-turbo V8 and adds acrimonious and cooled 24-way seats covered in a bigger brand of leather. This abundant English SUV additionally has aflame bench belt buckles, a acrimonious council wheel, 4-zone altitude control, a head-up display, and accessory radio.

A long-wheelbase 7-seat adaptation of the new Ambit Rover is accessible as an Autobiography or a Aboriginal Edition. In accession to the Autobiography exoteric amalgamation (and badges), this Ambit Rover gets the V-8 engine, 22-inch wheels, acrimonious and cooled 24-way seats (with hot bean massage), atramentous anchor calipers, acrimonious and power-folding mirrors, soft-close doors, the 11.4-inch rear-seat entertainment, electric rear sunblinds, and what Land Rover calls Controlling Class Abundance rear seats.

The Aboriginal Edition builds on the Autobiography with 23-inch wheels, a college brand of autogenous covering and walnut trim, additional Controlling Class Abundance Additional rear seats.

You can additionally adjustment a long-wheelbase 5-seater as an Autobiography or a Aboriginal Edition.

Some of the accepted accessories on the new Ambit Rover SV includes a banausic semi-aniline covering autogenous with abnormally shaped seats and SV-specific adornment patterns.

The SV Bespoke Match to Sample acrylic service, which can carbon any exoteric blush a chump requests, provides around bottomless ambit for individuality.

As anyone spending the best allotment of $100k on the approachable Ambit Rover would hope, there’s a lot of accepted accessories in the abject model. It comes with an adaptive air suspension, Breadth Acknowledgment system, 19-inch admixture wheels, across-the-board sunroof, abounding LED exoteric lighting, heated/self-dimming ancillary mirrors with memory, hands-free tailgate operation, and rain-sensing wipers. And that’s aloof the alfresco and underneath.

Inside, there’s tri-zone automated altitude control, keyless entry/ignition, covering upholstery, 10-way power-adjustable advanced seats, power-adjustable council column, 12.3-inch agenda disciplinarian advice display, collapsed rear seats, and ambient LED lighting.

The infotainment bureaucracy has Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration, navigation, accessory radio, Wi-Fi, two touchscreens, and a 13-speaker/380-watt Meridian complete system. Safety actualization accommodate automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and parking sensors at both ends.

The Westminster versions (standard and long-wheelbase) action abounding items that were accepted options into a almost value-packed accepted bundle. These accommodate 21-inch admixture wheels, soft-closing doors, acrimonious council wheel, heated/ventilated/20-way power-adjustable advanced seats, heated/power-reclining rear seats, quad-zone altitude control, alarming compartment, berth air ionization, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, accelerated emergency braking, 360-degree camera system, head-up display, and a 19-speaker/825-watt Meridian surround-sound system.

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Many of the advantage choices on the new 2025 Ambit Rover are paints. Exceptional brownish paint, in four hues, adds $1,950 to the bulk of a abject 2025 Ambit Rover.

At $4,550, the 12 accessible gloss-finish colors of SV Bespoke Ultra Brownish acrylic (British Racing Green, Ligurian Black, Flux Silver, Ethereal Frost, Velocity Blue, Constellation Blue, Ionian Silver, Sunset Gold, or Amethyst Grey appearance finish) are appreciably added big-ticket but abundant brighter. Additionally, there are seven satin-finish versions of this SV Bespoke Ultra Brownish paint, which alpha at $7,450. The priciest acrylic of all is a special-effect satin-finish Icy White, which costs $12,050.

Notable advantage bales on the abject 2025 Ambit Rover accommodate the $2,000 Technology Pack, which includes a video rearview mirror and a head-up display, and the $2,000 Exceptional Upgrade Autogenous Pack, which actualization laminated advanced and rear ancillary glass, aflame footstep plates, and the SV Bespoke Abounding Extended Covering Upgrade.

Also significant: The long-wheelbase 7-seat Ambit Rover Autobiography is accessible with adaptable ancillary accomplish ($4,600) and the Tailgate Accident Apartment with covering cushions. This $1,200 advantage lets you use the Ambit Rover’s rear burden amplitude attic as an outward-facing bench for two, complemented by covering cushions, tailgate speakers, and lights.

The new SV additionally can be ordered with softer furniture-grade covering or, for the aboriginal time, a acceptable covering another that has the concrete qualities of covering but is 30% lighter and generates alone a division of the CO2 in its production.

For $10,000, you can adjustment the Westminster adaptation of the approachable Ambit Rover with the 518-horsepower V8. Next in the pecking adjustment are the Autobiography models that body on the Westminster account with a added adult adaptation of the Breadth Acknowledgment system, complemented by All Breadth Progress Control.

The SV Autobiography models all accept the 557-horsepower V8 — that’s the SV Autobiography Dynamic variants and the long-wheelbase SV Autobiography that acme the range. This ultimate Ambit Rover comes accepted with 24-way power-adjustable advanced seats that are acrimonious and ventilated, and accept a “hot stone” beating function. A 1,700-watt Meridian audio adjustment is additionally included, forth with a brace of Controlling Abundance Additional seats in the back.

Even at this exciting level, there are added means to beefy up an SV Autobiography LWB. Such as with the accomplished Poltrona Frau checky covering upholstery, 2-tone acrylic job ($14,300), power-retractable ancillary steps, and the tailgate accident seating.

Among the abounding added added actualization that administer to several 2025 Ambit Rover models are things like perforated covering upholstery, altered types of copse veneer, Activity Key, automated aerial beams, fog lights, 22-inch admixture wheels, and a self-parking system.

For 2025, the all-new Ambit Rover agent calendar starts with a 395-horsepower turbocharged mild-hybrid inline-6 agent agitated over from the accepted SUV. This combines a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder gasoline agent and an electric motor, which reclaims braking energy. The manual is an 8-speed automatic.

Next up is a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 engine, additionally commutual with an 8-speed automated transmission. Supplied by BMW, the V8 bliss out 523 horsepower, acceptable for a active 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds. It is the accepted agent in the new Ambit Rover SE.

3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 mild-hybrid395 application @ 5,500-6,500 rpm406 lb-ft of torque @ 2,000-5,000 rpmEPA city/highway ammunition economy: 18/23 mpg

4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8523 application @ 5,500 rpm553 lb-ft of torque @ 1,800 rpmEPA city/highway ammunition abridgement (estimated): 15/21 mpg

There are about two drivetrains for the approachable 2025 Ambit Rover. But anniversary one splits into a brace of variations.

In the abject version, a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 is aggrandized by a mild-hybrid adjustment (MHEV). That added accouterments energizes the engine’s fuel-conserving stop/restart function. In this form, it makes 355 horsepower.

The next-up Westminster has the aforementioned setup, but additional to 395 horsepower. However, this trim is additionally offered with a 518-horsepower supercharged V8, which is accepted in the Autobiography versions — both accepted and long-wheelbase.

A supercharged V8 is amplified to 557 application for the SV Autobiography Dynamic and long-wheelbase (LWB) models.

In every instance, an 8-speed automated handles the manual duties. All-wheel drive is standard, exceptional gasoline is recommended, and best towing accommodation is 7,716 pounds.

Land Rover has discontinued the agent and constituent amalgam (PHEV) options this year. So the agent is allegedly boarded to history. But the acumen for the PHEV’s nonappearance is allegedly because of a curtailment of apparatus acquired by the pandemic. So there’s a adventitious it ability become accessible afresh at some point.

3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 MHEV (base)355 application @ 5,500-6,500 rpm365 lb-ft of torque @ 2,00-5,000 rpmEPA city/highway ammunition economy: 18/23 mpg

3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 MHEV (Westminster)395 application @ 5,500-6,500 rpm406 lb-ft of torque @ 2,000-5,000 rpmEPA city/highway ammunition economy: 18/23 mpg

5.0-liter supercharged V8 (Autobiography & Westminster LWB)518 application @ 6,000 rpm461 lb-ft of torque @ 2,500-5,500 rpmEPA city/highway ammunition economy: 16/21 mpg

5.0-liter supercharged V8 (Autobiography Dynamic & SV Autobiography LWB)557 application @ 6,000 rpm516 lb-ft of torque @ 3,500-5,000 rpmEPA city/highway ammunition economy: 14/19 mpg (SWB), 13/19 mpg (LWB)

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