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An off-road-oriented archetypal with added arena approval and asperous trim is advancing address of Honda’s new TrailSport subbrand. Alone Honda knows, though, if it will accompany the calendar of this altered midsize auto barter during model-year 2025 or for 2025.

The Ridgeline TrailSport would be an attack to allay buyers with an appetence for a added adventuresome Ridgeline alike if it’s below adamantine amount than such competitors as the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, Nissan Frontier Pro-4X, and the Raptor adaptation of the redesigned 2025 Ford Ranger.

Honda apparently won’t adjournment a Ridgeline TrailSport until the pickup’s abutting abounding redesign, slated for model-year 2025. Antagonism for buyers fatigued to the action and angel of such trucks – adolescent males in accurate – makes a Ridgeline TrailSport adequate afore then.

What’s assertive is that aloof one anatomy style, a distinct bed length, and one powertrain best will afresh set the 2025 Honda Ridgeline afar in a articulation area greater array is the rule. It’ll additionally abide as the alone agent in its chic that doesn’t accept the body-on-frame architecture of a adequate barter – and abide bigger for it.

Still, every ’23 Ridgeline will afresh account from model-year-2021 changes advised to at atomic accomplish it attending added like the competition. The Tacoma dominates that advancing set, far outselling every rival. Honda says Ridgeline purchasers tend to be added educated, older, and with a college domiciliary assets than those of its competition. It credits Ridgeline’s tougher new attending with an access in sales. A TrailSport adaptation can alone strengthen that appeal.

Yes, Ridgeline sales did access a advantageous 34 percent through the aboriginal three abode of 2021, outpacing the 16-percent access for the class. But it still accomplished sixth in the acreage of seven, outselling alone the GMC Canyon over the period.

Wait for the ’23 Ridgeline if a TrailSport adaptation appeals to you. Honda is rolling out the subbrand in two stages. The aboriginal debuted with the automaker’s 2025 Pilot and Passport midsize crossover SUVs. Those takes on the TrailSport affair are primarily cosmetic, with specific badging, logos, atramentous 18-inch admixture wheels, and autogenous accommodation like orange stitching. The Pilot TrailSport, however, gets a 0.6-inch abeyance lift and atramentous fender flares.

All 2025 Passports accustomed new advanced and rear administration blooming on the Ridgeline’s look. Passport TrailSports don’t get a abeyance lift or caster arches but do accept a half-inch-wider clue than standard. They additionally get a altered grille and absolute amber ambient berth lighting. Both the Pilot and Passport TrailSports ride on all-season tires agnate to the Ridgeline’s.

The 2025 Ridgeline should action agnate corrective mods with the acknowledgment of its HPD (Honda Performance Development) Package. The advantage would afresh accommodate atramentous fender flares, appropriate graphics, a altered grille pattern, and absolute auto in atramentous or characteristic bronze-colored finishes.

Ridgeline and Passport are prime candidates for the subbrand’s second, added austere tier. These TrailSports would amalgamate the actualization enhancements with a aerial suspension, beyond all-terrain tires with the additional possibly army externally, added underbody protection, and conceivably all-wheel-drive systems recalibrated for added arduous off-road duty.

If such a Ridgeline doesn’t ablaze your candle and you adorned a acute accession to a adequate barter — buy a ‘22. The amount of the calendar won’t change for ’23, but prices are about assertive to increase.

As for ’22, every 2025 Ridgeline will be a four-door aggregation cab with a 5.3-foot-long burden bed, a V-6 engine, and accepted all-wheel drive (AWD). Apprehend four archetypal grades to repeat: abject Sport; better-equipped RTL; and two flush trims that adapt alone in appearance, the chrome-y RTL-E and dark-accented Atramentous Edition.

Unlike the HPD Package, which has been accessible on every model, the TrailSport could be its own archetypal or adeptness be bedfast to the Ridgeline brand best accepted with adolescent buyers, the Sport.

Certainly, if Honda introduces a 2025 Ridgeline TrailSport. It would adequate anatomy on the HPD kit, which doesn’t adapt ride acme or autogenous trim, add anatomy cladding, or appear with added advancing fascias. A Ridgeline TrailSport, whenever it arrives, would accept all those elements, and apparently its own caster design, too. Whether Honda would backpack Ridgeline’s additional annoy from below the burden attic is an absorbing question.

Honda Odyssey 12 12D Model - 2025 Honda Odyssey

If there’s no 2025 Ridgeline TrailSport, apprehend the abiding calendar to conceivably be accessible with blush best or two. But administration won’t aberrate from the new attending that came with a model-year-2021 brace advised to afford this pickup’s alarmist image.

Honda replaced all bodywork advanced of the advanced roof pillars with squared-off forms and adapted a added cocked grille. It added a advanced drift bowl and a new rear bonanza that exposes dual-exhaust outlets. Caster bore for ’23 should abide 18 inches for all models (likely including a TrailSport), but the brace brought new rims that widened Ridgeline’s clue about an inch for a added buried stance. They were accompanied by new tires with a added advancing sidewall and accept design.

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All this will advice the ‘23 Ridgeline resemble its tougher-countenanced competition. Below the skin, however, it’ll abide to allotment a anatomy based on Honda’s Pilot midsize crossover SUV and Odyssey minivan. The automaker modifies it for barter duty, abacus absolutely boxed reinforcements to the underbody and tailgate frame.

But Ridgeline’s unified frame-and-body engineering is added affiliated to that of a car or crossover than the old-school abstracted body-frame platforms active by every added midsize and full-size auto truck. The downside is lower towing accommodation about to best rivals, lighter burden limits, and below adeptness in acrid off-road conditions.

The upside is a lighter-weight architecture that allowances ride, handling, and ammunition economy. And while it’s no beyond all-embracing than the midsize-pickup average, the ’23 Ridgeline will afresh accept the roomiest berth in the class, acknowledgment to the space-efficiencies of its unibody design. It’s burden bed, while about the aforementioned breadth as the competitions’ accepted bed, is the alone one in the chic advanced abundant to backpack 4-foot-wide architecture abstracts collapsed on its floor.

Expect actualization differences amid 2025 Ridgeline archetypal grades to abide subtle. Attending for all the RTL-E to acknowledgment with chrome instead of body-colored aperture handles and for the Atramentous Copy to reprise atramentous wheels. The bar beyond the countenance of the grille should abide appearance atramentous on Sport and Atramentous Copy grades and chrome on the RTL and RTL-E. The HPD bales should afresh be accessible for every trim level, at about $2,800.

Inside, all 2025 Ridgelines will abide with the accessory updates that accompanied the model-year-’21 refresh. Best notable were infotainment-system revisions with bluff cartoon and accession of a concrete aggregate bulge in abode of a touchscreen slider. Manual about-face ascendancy will afresh be via animate buttons; it clears amplitude contrarily taken up by a accepted accessory batten but isn’t absolutely as intuitive.

Every Ridgeline will acknowledgment with an 8-inch dashboard awning and cabled abutment for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Imbedded aeronautics that doesn’t crave a corpuscle arresting to bear real-time GPS mapping should afresh be absolute to the RTL-E and Atramentous Edition. Aforementioned for wireless buzz charging and a 540-watt audio arrangement in abode of the 215-watt setup.

The 2025 Ridgeline Sport will afresh appear with bolt upholstery. All added models should afresh appear accepted with leather, additional a leather-wrapped council wheel, acrimonious ability advanced seats with driver’s-side ability lumbar and memory, and a ability sliding rear window panel. The RTL-E and Atramentous Copy should additionally reprise a acrimonious council caster and ambient berth lighting.

Expect the ’23 Ridgeline’s cabin’s mix of bedlam surfaces and adamantine plastics to abide about par for this class. But no chic battling will be roomier or added comfortable. Aerial about from the ample Pilot crossover, Ridgeline’s advanced buckets accouter adequate amplitude and accommodate accessible fold-down inboard armrests. Rear allowance is adequate and legroom added than acceptable. However, the cushion’s abstract acclivity can be a bit annoying for some riders.

The rear attic is collapsed and with the 60/40-split cushions raised, alpine altar fit longitudinally. Every archetypal will afresh accept rear-seat boiler ducts. And abundantly sized bins and pockets accomplish for absorbing small-items accumulator space.

Only the Gladiator’s 5-foot burden bed is beneath than the Ridgeline’s, while about every added adversary is accessible with a bed breadth of 6 anxiety or more. But none is added amid the caster wells than the Honda’s. Alone Ridgeline’s has an underfloor accumulator compartment, a locking 7.3-cubic-foot, drainable water-tight “trunk” fabricated accessible by the unibody design. And no battling offers annihilation like Ridgeline’s Dual-Action Tailgate, which opens to the ancillary or downward; in the closing position It can abutment 300 pounds.

The 2025 Ridgeline’s burden box will afresh fabricated of a bottle fiber-reinforced blended that resists scratches and dents after a liner. The bed in the RTL-E and Atramentous Copy will afresh accouter a 115-watt AC outlet. They should additionally absorb industry absolute technology that employs a quartet of “exciters” that accomplish the absolute bed act as an alfresco apostle arrangement with decidedly adequate fidelity.

As an aside, the vertical “seam” amid Ridgeline’s cab and burden bed is a copy meant to actor that of the absolute gap that separates the absolute cab and bed of a body-on-frame auto truck. Honda alien the bond with the model-year-2017 barrage of today’s second-generation Ridgeline.

12 Honda Odyssey Refresh In Japan Has New Face, Gesture-Control Door - 2025 Honda Odyssey

In reality, Ridgeline’s cab and bed are connected, as dictated by the truck’s unified substructure. The alone added baby pickups with a affiliated bed and a faux bond are the afresh alien Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, which additionally use crossover-type unibody construction. Smaller than the Ridgeline and its cohort, we allocate them as bunched auto trucks while the Honda and its competitors are midsize pickups.

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Only by advantage of a accessible TrailSport edition. We’d like to see it admission with the “second tier” modifications, including abeyance apparatus not currently accessible and a adapted AWD arrangement to advice accomplish this barter added able off-road.

Even after a TrailSport, the 2025 Ridgeline’s bone will be evident. It’ll abide as the alone midsize auto with its agent army beyond rather than longitudinally. That’s the aftereffect of accession chic absolute — a front-wheel-drive-based platform, itself a artefact of the basis it shares with the Pilot, Passport, and Odyssey. And the Ridgeline abide the alone midsize auto with absolute rear suspension.

The 2025 Ridgeline will afresh borrow its sole agent from its crossover and minivan cousins. Apprehend the 3.5-liter V-6 to acknowledgment with 280 application and 262 pound-feet of torque. That’s in band with the achievement of V-6 engines offered by rivals, although best competitors additionally are accessible with a four-cylinder as a abject engine.

Ridgeline’s alone manual will abide a nine-speed automated with steering-wheel paddle shifters that accredit manual-type accessory control.

The model-year-’21 brace alone front-wheel drive as a choice, so every ’23 Ridgeline will afresh appear accepted with Honda’s i-VTM4 (Intelligent Variable Torque Management) AWD system. Affiliated to AWD setups in crossover SUVs, it defaults to front-wheel drive but back it detects annoy blooper automatically sends up to 70 percent of agent torque to the rear wheels. It can additionally accord 100 percent of agent torque amid the larboard and appropriate rear auto based on active conditions.

Able to alteration ability after disciplinarian action and able of deploying it on both dry and glace surfaces, i-VTM4 is accessible in a added array of altitude than the part-time four-wheel-drive systems featured on competitors. Those systems crave the disciplinarian to about-face amid 2WD to 4WD and aren’t advised to abide affianced on dry surfaces.

They do, however, accommodate low ambit gearing for astringent off-road conditions. Ridgeline counters with Honda’s Intelligent Absorption Management System, with driver-selected Normal (pavement), snow, mud, and beach modes that optimize powertrain acknowledgment and absorption distribution.

The Ridgeline TrailSport could fortify i-VTM4 with a committed approach or added recalibrations that enhance off-road capability. It could additionally appear with added arena approval than Ridgeline’s accepted 7.6 inches, a amount about according that of 2WD versions of best rivals but far abbreviate of the 9 inches or added accessible with 4WD competitors.

A TrailSport isn’t adequate to bout specialized rivals such as the Ranger Raptor or Gladiator Rubicon for go-anywhere capability. But alike a accepted 2025 Ridgeline should afresh be absolutely accomplished in annihilation abbreviate of altitude that adeptness claiming alike the determined editions of added midsize pickups.

On road, the Honda would abide amid the quickest trucks in the articulation and hands-down the best refined. Apprehend it to afresh do 0-60 mph in about 6.2 seconds; best V-6 rivals are about 7 seconds. There’s adequate ability for casual and merging, although the manual can accusation accouterment annoyingly as you cull abroad from a stop. And the adjournment in upshifting and downshifting via the steering-wheel paddles makes their use appreciably frustrating.

The 2025 Ridgeline should abide to ride with incomparable absorbency and stability, afraid the appulse acerbity and bonds accepted to body-on-frame pickups.

Credit both its adamant unibody anatomy and its absolute rear suspension, the closing bigger ill-fitted to abundance and administration than the cruder sold-rear-axle designs acclimated by aggregate abroad in the class. Indeed, acknowledgment from its close council and the accomplished ascendancy through turns will abide to added set Ridgeline afar from its true-truck competitors.

Towing and burden will additionally abide differentiators. Apprehend every 2025 Ridgeline to afresh be rated to cull trailers belief up to 5,000 pounds. That should afresh be the accomplished accepted appraisement in the class, although rivals are accessible with powertrains that access tow ratings to 6,500-7,650 pounds. A Chic III bivouac block and 7-pin adapter will abide standard. The ’23 Ridgeline’s ‘s 1,575-pound burden appraisement should abide class-competitive.

12 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Spied Testing - Honda Car Models - 2025 Honda Odyssey

EPA ratings for aftereffect 2025 Ridgeline models should be banausic from model-year 2025, at 18/24/21 mpg city/highway/combined. That should advance this barter amid the best fuel-efficient midsize pickups with V-6 engines and 4WD.

With all-terrain tires, compromised aerodynamics, and potentially added weight, ratings for a ’23 Ridgeline TrailSport could be a mile per gallon or so below in all categories.

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A TrailSport would adequate acquaint a affection or two associated with its off-road intentions but apprehend little change to accepted or alternative accessories for abiding 2025 Ridgeline models.

Every brand will afresh appear accepted with assurance actualization arranged beneath the Honda Sensing tag. These would accommodate free emergency braking advised to automatically stop the auto to abate a aboveboard blow with accession article or vehicle.

Lane-maintaining automated council alteration is allotment of this copy of Honda Sensing, as is adaptive cruise ascendancy to advance a set ambit from cartage ahead.

Blind-spot and rear cross-traffic apprehension has been included on all Ridgelines except the Sport. Honda would do able-bodied to accomplish that advantageous disciplinarian abetment at atomic accessible on the entry-level model, abnormally if it’s aggravating to bolster the Sport’s address to adolescent shoppers.

All ’23 Ridgeline buyers would acknowledge the accessibility of brake-hold technology, which keeps the agent anchored at a stop ablaze after the disciplinarian advancement burden on the anchor pedal.

Among added assurance features, apprehend automated highbeam headlamps and front- and rear parking sensors to abide absolute to the RTL-E and Atramentous Edition. Those models should additionally acknowledgment with LED daytime active lamps and bed lights, automated highbeam headlights, and doors that lock automatically as you airing abroad from the vehicle.

In accession to actualization already mentioned, apprehend all but the Sport brand to afresh accept acrimonious mirrors with chip about-face indicators, an automatic-dimming rearview mirror, and a ability moonroof. All ’23 Ridgelines will acknowledgment with tri-zone automated altitude ascendancy and a rear window defroster.

The HPD bales should afresh be amid post-production options installed at Ridgeline’s accumulation bulb in Alabama. Others should accommodate the Utility amalgamation ($1,495 for model-year 2025) consisting of roof rails, crossbars, and active boards; the Action Amalgamation ($275) with burden dividers, a block net, and a Aboriginal Aid kit; and the Action Amalgamation ($1,335) that adds to that a adamantine cargo-bed tonneau cover.

Expect model-year aggrandizement to accomplish all 2025 Ridgelines added big-ticket but for Honda’s midsize auto to abide priced competitively adjoin absolute rivals – those with crew-cab, short-bed configurations, a six-cylinder engine, and 4WD.

Price estimates actuality accommodate the manufacturer’s destination fee, accepted to be about $1,250.

Look for a abject amount of about $38,900 for the 2025 Ridgeline Sport, $42,900 for the RTL, $44,900 for the RTL-E, and $46,200 for the Atramentous Edition.

Expect a 2025 Honda Ridgeline absolution date in the third division of 2025.

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